What is PowerCloud and what other services do we offer

The core service we offer is our own purpose built SD-WAN Solution called PowerCloud, 
Features and Benefits of PowerCloud:
  • Multi Branch VPN
  • Network Agnostic (one can use any service provider at any branch - works over all internet mediums)
  • Automatically Dynamically Fail-over between different WAN connections - Should fibre be primary and LTE secondary it will switch over automatically if the fibre went down to ensure maximum up-time and once the fibre comes back up it will automatically switch back
  • Availability and Usage Monitoring - pro active monitoring (should a WAN connection go offline and we are the service provider we will log calls etc to get the link back up, otherwise we'll notify the client)
  • Content filtering - All traffic gets filtered through our filtering service to help block access to most pornographic, malicious, virus and unwanted piracy sites (Bandwidth abusers) - Clients will also soon be able to manage their own blacklists and select categorical filters (adult, gambling, torrents etc.)
  • Transit filtering - We maintain a massive “Badsite” block list in order to apply transit filtering to bad IP addresses at a Cloud level, helping to prevent customer access to bot nets, spam servers and other bad networks (Do-Not-Route destinations)
  • Reporting - We capture all traffic flow packets to compile statistics such as top 50 sites visited, data used to those sites, devices that use the most data.  Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be pulled.  (development is almost complete, data is being captured and can be pulled, we are just busy integrating it into our portal)
  • We provide a client portal where you have access to see the DHCP leases, IP addresses, routing table and status of interfaces.  You can also manage your services and order other services via the portal (development is almost complete for the portal)
  • Our PowerCloud service is also backed with an up-time SLA for our infrastructure and services
SLA Target: 99.99% uptime
Achieved monthly 
Credit return 
≤ 99.5% 5%
≤ 99% 10%
≤ 98.5% 15%
≤ 98% 20%
≤ 97.5% 25%
Once off cost for a PowerCloud Managed Firewall per branch - R2999 ex
Monthly recurring cost for a PowerCloud Managed Firewall per branch - R1999 ex
Due to the intellectual property on the managed firewall PowerCloud has sole access to make changes and the firewall is leased to customer (Remains property of PowerCloud SP (PTY) LTD.)
More detailed information about what SD-WAN is can be found at this link
Other services we offer include, but not limited to:
  • Virtual server hosting
  • Co-location hosting in Teraco Data Environments Isando
  • Internet services - Fibre to the business, on and off net Microwave & LTE
  • Web, domain and email hosting (cPanel)
  • Cloud PABX - VoIP
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